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We have seen it in Central Europe - the spectacular meteorite - TAURID (BOLID, also you can say: PLANETOID) has been falling down through the Earth atmosphere about 7 p.m. It was about 600 meters long. It is from the North Taurides Family. The taurids meteor shower will be in the North Europe too - on 11th - 12th November. Can you imagine how close it was to the Earth? Like the Moon is. So very close!

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During the #DayOfDead in Poland. Photo: Grzegorz Zieleniecki
They had seen it in Cech Republic too! :)

TAURYDES. It is the season to catch the TAURYDES above our heads. The falling stars indeed. Also you can see the fab AURORAS. Look up to the sky Guys!

Photo from the link by Rocky Raybell.
Tayrud and Aurora together. Very beautiful couple!

#TBT Coming back to the #SuperBloogMoon event that we have been seeing on September: The 2nd place in "SUN" category took David Wrangborg. Every year, Insight Investment i and "BBC Sky at Night" The Magazine organises the contest: Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year.