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CurrySoop's Playlists: Love
Welcome to CurrySoop's playlist collection! (If you stalked my playlist collection--yes, this is the first card I made in this collection.) Here, I'll select 5 (or more...or less) songs from my playlists and share it with all of you :) I'll try to go through every emotion-word (like love, energetic, dance, sad, etc. They're not consistent, I know, but you get it). Today's word is: LOVE! I have a few songs that I prepared for you a few songs that I think are good if you're in the mood for love (*winks vigorously* see what I did there *wink wink*). If you see blue words like this, don't be afraid to click on it! It'll directly lead you to...whatever I'm talking about--I dare you!
First up! It's the song that recently came out... "Heart Attack" by AOA. I honestly think that this is the love-song of 2015, cause seriously, the MV, lyrics, and the title just makes me have a heart attack as well (lol)! Links: AOA members and information are here! The MV for Heart Attack is here FNC Ent. website is right here.
Album Information: "Heart Attack", the Third Mini Album Release date: June 22, 2015 ℗ FNC엔터테인먼트 Track: 1. "Heart Attack" (심쿵해) 2. "Luv Me" 3. "Come to Me" (들어와) 4. "One Thing" (한개) 5. "Really Really" (진짜) 6. "Chocolate"
Secondly..."BANG BANG BANG" YEEEEEEH! I just jam with this song, and I do understand the meaning behind this, yes, I know. That's why it's in the love section with flower wallpapers. Yes. Yes. I know. Big Bang member information is right here. Their Bang Bang Bang MV is right here. YG's website is right here.
Album Information: "A", the Fifth Single Album Release date: June 1, 2015 ℗ 2015 YG Entertainment Track: 1. "Bang Bang Bang" 2. "We Like 2 Party"
Yes--I have gone crazy for 4Minute. I love this song. In my perspective, it's about a girl who's crazy about someone and seriously goes crazy and they start dancing their heads off yes I know this isn't an interesting description but still, It's my jam since it came out. I still dance to it :D 4Minute member information is right here. Their Crazy MV is right here. Cube Entertainment's website is right here.
Album Information: "Crazy", the Sixth Mini Album Release date: June 3, 2015 ℗ 2015 Cube Entertainment Track: 1. "Crazy" (미쳐) 2. "Cut It Out" (1철만 하시죠) 3. "Tickle Tickle Tickle" (간지럽혀) 4. "Stand Out (ft. Manager)" (눈에 띄네) 5. "Show Me" 6. "Cold Rain" (추운 비)
Yessssss Seventeen! I feel like they're one of my favorite new boy groups of 2015 :) I love Mansae, but I love this too--it's as cute as Adore U, but I didn't want to make it more than 5 songs on this playlist. But I'm telling you: I haven't forgotten about Mansae xP Seventeen member information is right here. Their Adore U MV is right here. Pledis Entertainment's website is right here.
Album Information: "17 Carat", the Debut Mini Album Release date: May 29, 2015 ℗ 플레디스(PLEDIS),under license to Loen Entertainment Inc Track: 1. "Shining Diamond" 2. "Adore U" (아낀다) 3. "Ah Yeah" 4. "Jam Jam" 5. "20"
Honestly, this is the best breakup (?) song ever. I seriously think that. Who agrees? I love love love this new comeback!!!! (I'm also so happy that it's a full album!!!!!!!!!) Basically almost all of her songs are really good love songs ♡♡♡
Album Information: "Vivid", the First Full Album Release date: Sep 30, 2015 ℗ YMC엔터테인먼트(YMC Entertainment),under license to Loen Entertainment Inc Track: 1. "Mind Your Own Business" (너나 잘해) 2. "Insane" 3. "I Love You, I Hate You" (미워도 사랑해) 4. "Second Chance" 5. "Symphony (ft. Chancellor)" 6. "How Can Someone Be This Way" (사람이 왜 그래) 7. "Letting Go (ft. Amber)" 8. "Love Recipe" 9. "Filling Up My Glass" (잔을 채우고) 10. "One Step Closer" (한걸음 더)

Which one was your favorite? Comment below!

I'll take your comment in as a poll! Check back on this card later to see the results :) Until next time... toodles!
((you know what this is... if you dared to click on all of the blue words ;))
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big bang I never really heard of the until I listened to there newest album MADE and I totally feel in love with big bang. now I listen to all there old songs like lies and haru haru. hope that I find more songs by them. also seventeen I love them especially the old and new album, They are great. even through they are new they are doing a great job with there songs,dances,and appearances. I loved the story between why they are seventeen
Definitely! I'm also very happy that you met Big Bang! They're one of the long lasting (well that's not a good way to explain, but) groups, and one word: AMAZING. Congratulations!!! @DanielaSaucedo
I love this playlist! This is my first time listening to AOA! I just went through the first album and my favorite track so far is "Come to Me" (들어와). It's the most unique one from the whole album and I love the fact I can hear their vocals more clearly. Thanks for sharing! :)