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Yeah so I was thinking of a new card series that would be fun and I came up with this. Every week I'm gonna pick a random idol and let the community decide if he is cute or sexy.

This week's lucky pick is our squishy D.O!!!

Personally I lean more towards cute because just look at that smile!!! Precious!!!

He's just so squishy and adorable!!

Awwwwwww!! I just wanna hug him (ฅ>ω<ฅ)

But on the other hand D.O can have that look....

Its like he staring into your soul...and its somehow hot...and do I dare say sexy??

Yepp that's definitely sexy (๑°⌓°๑)


Leave your votes below!! The results will be posted later in the week \(^O^)/


He's a cute little squishy man who captures the stage and puts on that sex appeal but goes back to being a cute little man.
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GODANMIT YOURE MAKING US DO THE IMPOSSIBLE but I gotta choose cute because that smile is just >~< (if you could see how many times I changed my answer...)
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@SerenaMcG you said it perfectly! He has theses looks when he is serious. I die! But most of the time I want to give him cotton candy and ice cream. Such a cutie pie! However the older he gets the more it is stsrting to lean the other way lol
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He's both. You can't make me choose lol. He can be cute one minute then sexy then Satansoo all in one go lol
2 years ago·Reply
I dare say SEXY
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