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*Warning this is gonna be hella long, several different blocks. Strong language is used!

Summery: Met Jr at the Zoo and our first date was the movies. Six months down the road I got me two side dudes, TaeYang and Lee Min Ho, and end up pregnant. Jr and I decide to stay Friends with Benefits but he ends up getting me pregnant. *I actually have a friend named Sun, so its not the idol Sunny
"Sunny! Wait up!" I hlaf jogged, trying to catch up with the younger girl. Finally reaching her, I attached myself to her arm, clinging in so she wouldn't raced away again. "You're so slow, Em." She gave me a disapproving look, purple hair swishing across her face. "Look! That little boy is playing with them." Sunny bounce in spot, pointing at the enclosure. We stood there watching the little boy run from one end of the glass to the other, baboon chasing him. When he stopped, they stared at each other much to the gathering crowds amusement. The baboon slapped his hand on the glass, staring at the little boy before turning and pushing his butt to the glass. The crowd was in a fit of laughter, Sunny taking a few steps back as she giggled. When she did, I was dragged back laughing to hard to pay much mind until I bumped into someone. "Sorry," I intended to leave it at that until I noticed that with not paying attention, I knocked his drink from his hand ",Oh geezus, I'm really sorry." "It's fine." He wiped at his shirt. "Let me buy you another drink and get you a clean shirt. Sunny, come on." I tugged on her wrist, forcing her to pay attention to the problem we'd caused. "Its really oka-" "Mark, stop arguing with her. She's trying to be nice." The man standing next to him spoke up, clapping him on the shoulder and smiling at us. "There's a drink stand next to the gift shop, I'll get you a shirt there and Sunny here, can buy you a drink." She stared me wide eyed, like I'd committed a crime ",I'm Em by the way." "Jr and this soda covered man, is Mark." - We sat around talking, Jr and I, while Sunny went to get everyone drinks and Mark went to change. Jr asked about where I worked, seemingly shocked to learn I wasworking as an assistant for big time photographers. He explained his work, an idol in a group with Mark and today was just a rare day off. We talked about the little things we did on free days and our favorite things. We shared some of the same interests and likes. Jr kept a smile on his face and before Sunny returned with drinks, he asked to take me out. "Em, we need to get going. We've got a job this afternoon." Sunny stood next to me, nudging my shin with her shoe. "Crap." Hurriedly gathering up our things, we said a quick goodbye to the boys and raced off. "I'll see you Friday!" Jr called over the crowd when we were a few yards away, pointing at me with the most serious expression. I simply laughed and waved at him, covering my face from the creeping blush. Sunny giggled next to me, dragging me towards the exit. She ran a mile a minute with the questions once we reached the subway station. - Friday rolled around pretty quickly. The week flying by in a whirlwind of photoshoots and commercial setups. Sunny teasing every second she could about my date that coming evening but she was more than eager to help me get ready. Sunny was more of the cosmetics girl, coloring her hair more than I could ever hope to do and doing flawless makeup that could put an idol to shame. "Leave your hair down tonight. It looks prettier if you can see all the shades of blue and green." She fiddled with strands of my hair, having spent twenty minutes getting it perfectly straight. "Jr texted, he's almost here." Pulling a jacket on, I rushed about trying to find the right shoes "I'll meet him downstairs. Don't wait up!" The door closed behind me before I could hear her reply. It was nice outside this evening, a light breeze picking my hair up just slighty. A few minutes passed before a car pulled up to the curb. Jr waved at me from the drivers seat and motioned for me to get in. "So where are we going?" I asked once buckled in. "You mentioned you liked horror movies and a new one just came out. So movies sound good?" He gave me a lopsided smile, driving off. "Sounds like a plan."
"Why is it so bright?" I rolled over in the familiar sheets, holding my hand up to block the early morning sun. The bed next to me was unoccupied, the warmth of my company long gone. I laid there for a few moments, fully waking up before having to face the day ahead of me. Not wanting to go to work would be the understatement of the year, I couldn't deal with this photographer another day. "Your breakfast is getting cold!" The voice of my company called out from the living room but the promise of breakfast had me moving. One, the guy hardly ever cooked and much less for me. Two, if I didn't eat then I would get awfully sick. Three, cold breakfast just sucked ass and today was already going to be bad. "What are you still doing here?" I questioned, not even looking up at him when I headed for the kitchen. "First, It's ridiculously early. Secondly, I don't have plans today. And lastly, this is my house." He called out from the living room. "Lazy bastard didn't even cook." I flicked open the donut box on the counter. It looked incredibly delicious and I tossed all plans of my diet out the window. Seriously, doesn't he know I'm trying to drop some weight. "Sorry about last night." He spoke up when I plopped down on the couch next to him. "It's fine, figured it was gonna happen at some point." Munching away at the delicious carb filled wonder in my hand, I read over the texts from Jr. "You cheated on your boyfriend though." "And you cheated on your girlfriend." I snapped back at him "Besides, I think he wants to break up anyway. There goes six months down the drain." "Em..." "MinHo, it's fine. I figured it was coming time to call it quits with him, he doesn't ever want to spend his free days together anymore." We sat in silence for a while, MinHo typed away in his phone and I ate my breakfast. He looked aggravated this morning but I didn't want to question hin on it. Jr had blown my phone up the night before, asking where I was and why I wasn't responding. I'd come over to talk with MinHo, he was my best friend and he didn't mind filling in for Sunny when it came to being my ear. In all truth I'd been emotionally cheating for months, pouring my feelings into another guy and then last night just kind of escalated into the physical thing. "Still not replying!" MinHo shouted suddenly, scaring the crap outta me and tossing his phone onto the loveseat. "What the hell?" "Sorry. She just won't answer me." He looked worn, running his hands over his face and through his hair. "I'll send her a text. Thank her for lending me her boyfriend's listening ear, my relationship has gone south and I was in a fit last night. I crashed on the couch and we should get lunch sometime." "Don't text her or hang out with her for a while. I feel like shit over what we did." "I understand. Look I've got work so I'll catch you later." - 'Happy Six Months' I sent that just yesterday and no reply. Jr wasn't talking to me at all right now, no calls or texts. I wasn't even allowed at his work place, they turned me around at the front desk. Maybe he found out about MinHo, it wasn't like I did it on purpose though but he wasn't going to let me explain. "Come back to bed." My company's voice called out from the bedroom, wanting me to return. I was entirely drunk when I entered this home but after the deed was done, I sobered rather quickly. My company, however, was still nearly giggling from the night out. This was such a stupid decision, going drinking with the model from the latest shoot. It didn't help that said model was an idol and a close friend. I inched back into the room, the first rays of morning peeking over the sunrise and lighting the room in an orange glow. He held his arms out and I jumped onto the bed, landing in them. He laughed, wrapping his toned arms around me and wiggling about. He made jokes and before long the sun was higher in the sky, our laughter dying out. "TaeYang?" "Hm?" He hummed out, eyes closed and facing the ceiling. "You sober now?" My chin rested on his chest, watching him. "Yeah." He sighed, eyes still closed. "Sorry about last night." I spoke softly, moving away from him and getting up "We should forget about it, okay?" He nodded, still not looking at me. Finding my clothing from the night before, I quickly got dressed and did my best to not look as if I was about to do a walk of shame. TaeYang was out of bed and moving around, getting ready for his day. "Hey, Emmy! Hurry up or we'll be late again. You want Sunny to kick our asses?" He smiled at me when I left the bathroom, back to normal. "You're the one who made us late last time! Seriously who takes the long way from my house?" We started bickering, getting ourselves together for the day ahead.
"Fuck you then!" I slammed the door to his place, absolutely fuming. "Emmy come back!" The apartment door swung open and he was racing out behind me. "Let go of me!" Jr had grabbed ahold of my arm, holding me in place and stopping me from leaving. "This isn't how I wanted to end things." He was pleading with me. "Six months Jr, six fucking months and you want to suddenly end it like it was nothing? And over her? How long have you been seeing her? Or was I the side girl? Answer me!" I yanked my arm away, pointing back at the girl standing in the doorway to his apartment. "Its not just because of her!" Jr raked his hands through his hair "I know you slept with them, MinHo confessed the second he saw me and TaeYang did the same. Don't act like you're so innocent Emealia." "It was once with each of them and I was drunk with TaeYang." I sniffled, tears brimming "Its not an excuse Jr but it was just once with them both. MinHo was an accident, I got caught up and wasn't thinking. You'd been ignoring me for weeks and it just felt nice to have someone there." "Emmy..." "Shut up Jr, just let me finish." I wiped at my face, tears streaming to fast to catch "You've been pushing me away for months, MinHo was there and listening and it just happened. TaeYang...Tae and I went drinking after work. We got a little to drunk and we slept together. I fucking admit it." "But Jr, it was never to hurt you or out of spite or fucking anything. I slept with them both just a month ago and this last month has been hell. An entire month where I didn't know if you hated me, if we'd broken up or what because you banned me from your life. When I finally get the guts to just come over and talk, I find this," I waved my hands between him and the girl. ",and you wanna blame it all on me? Go right ahead Jr. Blame me for everything." I didn't even try to catch the tears as they fell now "I'll go deal with shit in my own." I turned leaving him there and walked away. Reaching the end of the corridor, I turned back to him. He was still standing there, mouth open like a fish with no air. "I'm pregnant by the way but feel lucky! It isn't yours!" I yelled at him, taking the stairs two at a time so I wouldn't see his reaction. - I was at the YG building, standing in the lobby. TaeYang was on his way down to get me and the people at the desk watched me with eagle eyes. "Hey Em. Let's go upstairs, you said you wanted to talk." TaeYang put his hand on my back, guiding me to the elevator when I nodded. We definitely needed to talk and definitely not anywhere public. The ride up was long, or seemed that way, and it was all to silent. TaeYang kept his hand in the small of back but never looked at me. When the bell chimed for our floor, we exited and headed straight for an empty office. TaeYang shut the door, telling me to get comfortable and took a seat of his own. "I'm pregnant." I didn't sugar coat the situation. Hell I didn't even give him time to relax in his chair. TaeYang rubbed his neck, shaking his head. He was really thinking this over, not speaking for a few minutes. "I'm not asking for anything and you might not even be the father." A look of relief washed over his face ",I slept with someone else just a few days before you. So it's hard to tell which of you might be the father. When the baby's born, I'll notify you if the other man isn't the dad." "You don't have to sound so business like Em." TaeYang smiled and my own face dropped. "You just looked happy that it might not be you so I figured that was the way to go." I slouched in my chair, resting my head against my hands. "'Notify me'. Em, you're still my friend so I'd like to be there when the baby's born. The whole waiting with your family deal." TaeYang patted me on the back. We talked about names and if it was a boy or girl. He was betting on girl, saying if it was his then that's what he'd want. TaeYang asjed about what I was needing and if my family knew. He even asked how Sunny was taking the news.
"Watch her head." I ghosted my hands around his. "I've got her Em, calm down." MinHo chuckled at my apprehensiveness and shooed me away. This was the first time he'd really gotten to hold her, business took him away right after she was born and my mother was always swooping in. MinHo was being so gentle, supporting her head and little body. He shifted her around, pressing her to his chest so that he could move around better. She suddenly smacked her face to his cheek, giving him a kiss. "Ah, giving appa kisses already." He was grinning. "I thought we agreed not to call you that until the results." Reaching up, I smoothed out my little girls hair. "I like it and besides, I'll still be around even if she isn't mine. Your my best friend Emmy and I'll take her as a god daughter if anything." MinHo snuggled at the little girl, cooing softly and the wide grin never leaveing his face. "She'll finally get a name after today. My poor girl is edging on two months with no name." He snorted at my pout. "Don't laugh. You know how many dirty looks I get because I don't know who her father is? The women in this neighborhood are so snarky." My phone buzzed away on the table, pulling my attention. MinHo bounced my daughter around, watching her smile. I passed the a knowing grin before opening the message. 'Still on for tonight?' "You're back with him?" MinHo had leaned over my shoulder, reading the texts. "Not exactly. We're working on it but right now its more of just friends with...benefits?" "Are you even supposed to be having sex again already? I mean doesn't, you know," He repositioned my daughter, creating a free hand to wave over where my lady parts would be ",things have to rest and get back in order?" "I was cleared for it at my appointment yesterday. Six weeks check up and all that." I waved him off, answering the message that things were still in tonight. - I danced around the living room with my little four month old. TaeYang's watchful eye following us even with Haru calling his attention. Tablo was in the kitchen, getting ready to cook us all lunch and his wife had run to the store for some last minute things. "You going to see Sunny today?" TaeYang spoke up, watching Haru drawing something. "I planned on it. She's only going to be here a few more days before they take off, I think it's a shoot in Paris this time." I hadn't seen much of Sunny lately, she landed a position with Vogue and has been beyond busy. "I bet she's missed little DalYi." He looked up from the drawing, smiling at our daughter. "Em? You okay?" "Perfectly fine." I offered up a smile but it was far to weak to be convincing. "You don't look oka-shit!" TaeYang was out of his seat, catching me as I collapsed into a nearby chair. He quickly took DalYi away, cradling her against his chest. Tablo was there a second later, ushering TaeYang to hand the baby over. With his hands free, he inspected my face and pushed my hair away. "Okay I don't feel good." "How about we go to the hospital? I know your blood pressure has been off since you were pregnant, maybe that's it." Tablo agreed to watch DalYi and Haru was happy to watch her uncle TaeYang's daughter. I was loaded into the car, having to be nearly carried there when my head began to spin. The hospital was only a couple miles away and with the way TaeYang was rushing to get there it, it was no time before we arrived. "The doctor should be back with the results of your tests and blood work soon." The nurse's voice was soothing and she quickly excused herself. TaeYang sat next to me, tapping away on his phone. He smiled and showed me a photo of Haru sleeping next to DalYi. The girl was really enjoying her time with her little 'cousin'. He talked about what Tablo's wife said, our daughter could stay the night there if needed and I told him to thank her. "Ms. Emealia?" The doctor stepped into the room, a smile covering his face. "Let me be the first to congratulate you on your pregnancy, you're going to be parents." I didn't pay much mind to what the doctor said after that. To much in shock to doing anything but stared, even when I was discharged and on the way back. TaeYang didn't say much but did ask who I'd slept with. "You're going to tell him, tonight." Like that we were in our way to the familiar apartment building. Taking the stairs to the third floor and pressing the doorbell. Jr's smiling face dropped when he saw us both standing there, ushering us inside. "You aren't so lucky this time," I let out a weak laugh ,"We're expecting Jr."
"Ah, DalYi!" Jr scooped the little girl up, pulling her into a hug when she ran at him. "We're here to get Jun." She grinned up at him while I greeted the others. It seemed that everyone was here today, packing into the apartment for whatever reason. It was a good thing that we we're picking up Jun today, I doubt he could handle all this excitement. Jr asked Mark to get the little boy from his crib, it was time to wake up from his nap anyway. "What am I supposed to do if you take my Jun away?" He poked at DalYi's cheek and she giggled happily at him. "You guys have something planned for today?" I questioned, gathering up Jun's overnight bag. "We've got practice today. You're welcome to bring the kids by the studio, the stylists love them." Jr stood up as DalYi ran off to find Mark and Jun, racing down the short hallway. "We might. We're meeting Sunny for lunch, mind if she tags along? I know she'll love to see Jackson again." - "Appa!" "DalYi! Don't run back here, you'll get hurt!" I did my best to catch the little girl but she ran straight into another room. "I've got her Emmy." TaeYang's voice came from room and it set me with ease. Jun wiggled out of my arms and took off for his sister. I'd have to teach them not to run inside, they could get hurt. Walking into the room, there were stylists and idols wondering about. DalYi was standing in her father's arms, watching as her younger brother showed off his outfit. "Em, did you dress him like this?" TaeYang pointed to Jun's outfit and I simply shook my head. "Nope. He knew we were coming to your show and he wanted to dress the part." "Ah, so handsome. You look just like uncle TaeYang, what does your appa say about that?" "He thinks it's funny." I answered, watching the three if them.
Okay, that SOOO long but what'd ya think?
@Emealia Now that's a Story I mean I though it was a drama how good it was lol
@Emealia :D Yeassss! I think you're getting better at the drama elements baby girl!! I always enjoy your story Time!
I got donuts again this morning Imma start writing about donuts more if it means I wake up to them everyday
What I find incredibly hilarious I wrote about donuts for breakfast at like 3am. Woke up, finished writing this out and discovered someone actually bought donuts
@DeniseiaGardner You said make a story off it, so I did XD
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