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Eating healthy for many is a tall task for many reasons.
For some, it's the look and smell of healthy food options. For others, its the taste. Let's just be honest, when we are often presented with healthy options it doesn't grab you. Recently Researchers presented these fellas with a bag of kale chips and a bottle of kombucha apiece.
The results when offered the healthy options were hilarious.
When delivered the healthy food options, the gentlemen shared their honest opinions on the "tasty treats."
"These aren’t chips!" One guy tosses one on the table and quips, “What is this, like a gram?” Now, when the kombucha comes out to play, things get real. “The thing on the National Geographic, there was a tribe… was that them?”
I love the unfiltered responses from the guys in the video. I hope we get to see them share their thoughts on additional food items in the future.