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It's the one question you dare not bring up.

You know your man doesn't have the best memory, but your pride won't let you not ask him the dreaded question that might leave you questioning the existence of the relationship. You go for it anyway and ask him, "do you have any idea how we actually met?". More than likely he doesn't. You've been dating for months, if not longer. You let it slide this time, but in the back of your mind it starts driving you crazy because you remember the day, the exact location and what you wore.
Don't worry, that doesn't mean he loves he any less. He just has bad memory. On top of that, you're not the only couple who has these issues. took it upon themselves to find three couples and had them retell their "how we met" story. Put on a smile, get ready to get your laugh on and check out the video [seen above] because it's the least bit emotional.

Ladies and fellas, do you remember how you and yours met?