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It hurt so bad. I am definitely not a Weeaboo. I am 100% Otaku. Oh my soul is dying right now.
hmmm I honestly don't find the word all that bad. I mean I like what I like. call me whatever you want to, not gonna change how I see things.
I feel as though we should claim the word weeaboo. Otaku has a horrible connotation in Japan, but we've taken it and made it into a positive thing. I feel as though we should do the same with weeaboo and anything people attempt to replace it with. Furthermore, I believe that whether or not you obsess over Japan or simply enjoy watching anime, it is no one's business but your own, and I feel as though it's wrong to berate people for it. Sorry, went on a little rampage there. :P
what is weeaboo? otaku?
I wish I could read the second pic
to clear up the blurring of the photos it basically says; Weeaboo overly obsessed with anime and walks around thinking that they know everything about Japan and they live off of ramen 馃崪 Otaku: Basically says average anime fan. still obsessed but doesn't walk around "kawaii" this "desu" that most likely pronouncing them wrong.
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