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Happy Birthday to Wú Yìfán (Kris Wu) November 6th.. Let's make Wú Yìfán Day!!!
Hoping you have a wonderful day on your day. wishing you the best. .
Happy Birthday day to you... Happy Birthday day to you Happy Birthday dear Kris Happy Birthday to you Yeeeiih! !!
wishing you the best in all of your future plans.. hoping everything comes out just great..
Keep your self exactly the way you are.. you have a great character. A strong one that's was going to get you where you want to go.
Scorpio Man..Wow! that's intense. .l
Happy Birthday!!!♡♡♡
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wahhh our galaxy's birthday! I suddenly feel like the worst fan because I forgot! *shame facepalm*
@LizHolder..don't feel bad.. it happens..Now that u remember you can make a card for him..so we'll make Wu Yifan Day. yeeiiih. .hahaha