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Dessert Essence Shampoo and Conditioner (no parables no sulfates etc) I love love love this set it leaves my hair cleansed and soft not drying like some shampoos and conditioners tend to feel. My hair feels revived and clean every time I use these. I purchased them at a store that's specializes in natural food, vitamins and hair /skin care. My hair also feels very strong and not fragile after using this as well. Giovanni Nutrafix hair reconstructor Deep repair for critically damaged hair For me: did not work at all made my hair feel horrible. My mother Her hair history: about 4 b hair, healthy the only color she has is black It worked wonders. Her hair has a great shine and made it feel really really soft and mosturized although we used a good bit it was about 5.99 or 6.99 over all it was a good buy. Although we will not be using it a lot because too much protein which this has a ton in is not good for you on a regular basis. I've learned why it didn't work on my hair because I have a lightener on my hair (bleach) and it does not work well with it. Take it from me do not do it if u have lightened hair. Alaffia hair lotion Works so nicely on my hair and smells amazing. It makes my hair feel so soft and easier to manage. It has Shea coconut and orange germanium I believe is the term, whatever it is I love it