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Anyone who is a fan of Master P knows that the New Orleans native was a talented basketball player and rapper.
P sat down with ThisIs50 this week to discuss his massive career in hip-hop. While their was much to discuss, The No Limit OG didn't want his time on the court to be overshadowed by music, as a matter of fact, Master P shared a story of the time he went toe to toe with MJ and one.
No.. not Micheal Jackson, Micheal Jordan. Yes man that Micheal Jordan!
According to P, The No Limit founder flew out to Michael Jordan’s basketball camp to confront him over the grief MJ was giving P’s son, the artist formerly known as Lil Romeo. As the story goes, Romeo was wearing his father’s signature shoes, rather than Jordans, which were understandably standard issue at the camp.
When P arrives, he challenged the Bulls legend to a pickup game that would eventually involved future NBA stars Gilbert Arenas and Ron Artest, who were then college camp attendees. To hear the man tell it, his squad came out on top of Jordan’s, securing freedom of footwear for the sons of rap moguls across the land.
I doubt Mike will ever speak on this game, but maybe we will get a quote from Gilbert Arenas or Ron Artest on this one. I can't see Mike taking on Master P, but if he did, I don't see anyway he would lose to Master P.
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BS. Michael Jordan did not lose to Master P!