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Never too much Daesung
I've been doing my best to gather all the Kang Daesung cards of Vingle, but I feel like there is is not enough. So I then poked Tumblr. Yes, Tumblr. Prepare yourself.
This smile that can slay.
His voice can calm even the most troubled.
That movement we commonly call dancing that make all our hearts go dokidoki.
His precious connection with his band mates.
I suppose I shall call this card done. I hope you enjoy my boundless love of Daesung. I promise you all more Daesung in the future.
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He is my bias of BigBang!! He just makes me so happy! Any time in sad I listen baby don't cry! His voice just takes all my troubles away!
Daesung is in my top favorites of BigBang since I saw them in Vegas, I didn't know how adorable and hilarious he was until then!