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As adorable and perfect as he is, him and I should never be in the same room together. We both break things. OKAY YES I KNOW WE ALL BREAK THINGS BUUUT I break things no one else can break. For example, I've broken a medal spoon, 2 mops, the sink, and a bunch of other things So today in science we were opening these packages and we had to be REALLY careful Teacher: Everyone carefully open your box! DO NOT BREAK IT *teacher and I make eye contact* Teacher: Someone open Myas for her...
I meant trying not to break stuff sorry
that must be hard trying to break things. NAMJOON AND HE'S SO CUTE
I have the same problem, everyone says that I'm just clumsy but I break a lot of things. I used to eat only in plastic plates because after I broke my tenth plate, my mom grew tired of buying new plates and just bought plastic ones.😂