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@Myaisnotsexy that's cool that you have Star wars shoes ... I've got lightsaber chopsticks... I don't have any converse because as Suga said "Converse, converse, I really hate converse"
@MyaIsNotSexy I need red converse. and star wars shoes sound cool~
i think i was destined to be an ARMY because from a young age i faced scorn from my family (not harsh they just didn't understand why i liked the shoe)for loving hightops and then i discovered converse and my life was complete. i also favored the word jam and used it often as such "this is my jam!!" "this is the jam right here " "i got the jams" etc ;^; if only I could meet my past self and- WARN HER SO SHE DOESN'T SUFFER AS MUCH AS I AM RIGHT NOW!!! *crying * only 25 more days to go πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜­πŸ˜«
@destiny1419 haha oh Suga, his wise words
@Rhia Really? Darn. I've never really looked. I need a new pare of shoes soon, something happened to my Star Wars shoes (yes I have Star Wars shoes) maybe I'll get some red converse because why not
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