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So basicly they think that kpop artists are fake cause (in their words) they don't write their own music. Thus they don't deserve to be famous, and that each company only lets artists who fit their style into their company and also its mainstream. *Point is i strongly disagree and know that kpop artists work just as or even harder than any other artist* Idk how to explain that to them. . ughh so tiring. #HatersGonnaHate
@kieuseru I know right?
don't write their own music? yes, there are a number who don't, but that's when you throw out G-Dragon, Suga (BTS), who have been writing their own songs for years. And Jonghyun (SHINee) has started composing his own (he did the lyrics for Odd Eye on 'Odd', and wrote some, if not most, of the songs for both his solo albums). I also think some of GOT7 wrote, or at least helped produce, most of the songs on 'Mad'. That willl teach the haters and stop them in their tracks!
ugh I know how you feel, I strongly agree with you. Like singing shake it off (Taylor) the haters gonna hate hate
lol yes girl yess !!