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A black girl in a K-Pop group? YAAAAY!!! I am 100% in favor of this.
1. She needs to learn Korean
2. She needs to actually BE in Rania's next MV
3. They need to have her as part of the formation when she dances
I know that there were some unforeseen circumstances involved here, but come on!!! The debut of a new member, especially one as unique as Alex, needs to be done better. And when I say that, I don't mean that they need to wave banners and scream "LOOK, A BLACK PERSON!!" but they do need to do a better job and demonstrate (tee-hee) that she's a part of the group, not just a person featuring on the song.
What do you guys think of Alex as well as Rania's new song?
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@MattK95 Just because she doesn't know Korean you never know what she is doing. she could be learning right now
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@IsabellaBurgler I hope so, it would be a little disappointing if she wasn't, it would feel like they were just using her as some sort of gimmick to gain popularity overseas...wether she learns Korean or not, this is a huge step in the right direction and I wish her all the best :D
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@DancingPartyTme what song is that?
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@ParkHwaYoung RaNia's new song is called "Demonstrate"
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