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We shouldn't eat animals, and now I feel guilty for eating veggies! How is this even fair! Waaaaahhhhhh. At least it's Saturday!

What's your favorite veggie?
My favorite veggie is cow
I like carrots and hummus. But I guess my favorite would have to be peppers. The spicier the better!
@Zelda27896 shhh, I'm a ghoul but it's a secret lol
honestly people should eat whatever they want as long as it's not unhealthy. As of right now there's not much of a "greener" way to purchase food. Organic vegetables and "grass fed organic meat products" cause the most damage as recent studies have pointed out. If you're opposed to eating an animal then that's fine but it's not wrong for others to do so... and the recent IARC decision didn't stop them from telling people to keep meat in their diet. The world's agricultural land couldnt sustain an entire population on vegetables, unfortunately for some. but my favorite vegetable would have to be carrots... I love those little orange sticks
None of Them.
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