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She sees him And he sees her. Both their breaths are taken away. They look into each others eyes And see something more, Something amazing, Something beautiful, In its own special form. They both see, But in the passing days, It fades from denial. "Shes everything ive ever wanted" he thinks to himself "Hes so perfect he cant be real" she thinks to herself But both continue to hide it They keep going on like it never hit them But on the inside they both fear, They fear screwing this amazing thing up, But deep down they want to do something, Because they both know, Beautiful things like this Dont just fall from the sky, But they continue to be quiet about it, In hopes one will eventually say, But they have both made mistakes, They have both been hurt so badly before, They fear losing this amazing miracle Even though they wont If both feel the same But the question remains, Will they face their fears head on for the chance at something thats so difficult to incounter now a days? Should they? "take the chance before its too late, would you rather live a life than 'oh wells' than 'what ifs'?"