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It think it's time I let you guys in on the key to happiness
It's simple really and I can't believe I didn't let you guys in on this before
the key of happiness is....
Come on everyone loves him
Even the llamas
Don't deny it love him too
He's too great not to like..... It love him so much that I hate him lol
Youngbae is life♡♡ (What's going on in this gif is : A fan said that her favorite part about Taeyang is his he... you know....Taeyang♡♡)
Even if you hate Taeyang you gotta admit you love Taeyang♡♡
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I love Young Bae and always will hes the biggest sweetheart ever🙊💕
2 years ago·Reply
taeyang is bad hehe anyhoo YES! taeyang is such a cutie and a keeper
2 years ago·Reply
He was my second bias, but my first love! 😍😚😚😚😚
2 years ago·Reply
I cant, he has a girlfriend. So i stay away lol
2 years ago·Reply
Yup he has a girlfriend already...I can only dream. I think GD is out of the question too. I think he has a girl too so that leave me TOP. lol I still love them anyways...
2 years ago·Reply