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You can cancel your manicure appointment.

There's a new invention in town and you're bound to fall in love with it. Although you prefer to go to your biweekly appointments at the nail salon over painting your nails in the comfort of your home, it's time to rethink a few things. Painting your own nails has always been a hit or miss, but it's now easier than ever thanks to Nails Inc. Paint Can. This amazing innovation makes painting your nails convenient and easy. I mean who wouldn't love having their nails painted in twenty seconds or less?
I'm really sitting here questioning why I didn't think of this brilliant idea myself. Vogue UK beauty editor Lauren Murdoch-Smith describes it as “quick, easy—but most importantly, fun!” and we all know doing your own nails is anything short of fun, so this is definitely a product that every lady should give a try. If you're wondering how this amazing spray can of polish works, keep scrolling to see the directions below.


Start with a base coat.
Spray the nails with the product from a short distance [it may get a bit messy, no worries].
Finish with a topcoat.
Wash off the excess paint with warm water.

Ladies, would you give this futuristic nail polish a try?

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So perfect! @mommaG
I do alright with yrs of practice....And I think it's awesome definitely will be buying!!!!! ;-)
I'm still learning, but I definitely think this nifty can will come in handy :) @SpoiledOne83
Definitely....I learned in 4th grade how to use my left hand to write and eat with. Due to my best friend braking her arm and I was the good friend who learned with her ;-)
Oh wow!! I wish I had the ability to use both hands. That would def help me out a lot @SpoiledOne83