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Can you tell that I'm obsessed with DIY projects with mini toy animals? Check out this card and this card to see how my obsession started. This DIY project is great for a kid's room or just for adding a pop of color to your living space. This adorable decoration DIY project comes from the creative people at Mod Podge Rocks.


For this project, you will need:
-- Plastic Animals
-- Canvases (5 x 5 inch)
-- Utility Knife
-- Super Glue
-- Acrylic Paint (in a few neon/bright colors)
-- Sponge brush
-- Gloss Mod Podge (optional)
You can find all of these items at a craft store.

Cut the animals in half

Use the utility knife to cut the plastic toy animals into two pieces. It will feel incredibly weird and sad to do this, but don't worry, they aren't real animals!

Paint the canvases and animals

Use the sponge brush to paint the animals and canvases with the acrylic paint. You will need to do a few coats to make the colors really pop. Make sure you let the paint dry in between each coat of paint.
You can also paint the edges of canvases different bright colors to give your canvases a little more flair.

Glue the animals on the canvases

Use the superglue to attach the animal halves to the middle of the canvases. Use caution when using the superglue — the fumes are toxic and the glue is incredibly strong when it gets anywhere that you don't want it. (This is from experience.)

Put up your cute canvases and enjoy!

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