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Noona November: my favorite maknaes
so most of my favorite kstars are younger than me. but does that stop me from adoring them? NEVER!!! so in honor of noona November I am doing a card today on my favorite maknaes. they aren't just younger than me. rheure younger than the rest of the members in their group too! so without further hold up I give you my 2 favorite maknaes!
first up...Pyo JiHoon also know as P.O. of block b. I'm only a couple years older than him but I'm still a noona. not only is P.O. one of my favorite maknaes he's also my block b bias!
next up we have taemin from shinee. hes only a couple years younger once again but i still have noona status. he may look cute and innocent maknae but don't let him fool you .....he's a danger to your heart!! ㅋㅋㅋ he's also my shines bias!
then there's everyone's favorite golden maknae of bts. who can't help but adore jungkookie! 4d all around. I am quite a few years older than this one definitely making me noona status
Ren the I'm prettier than you maknae from nuest. he's absolutely gorgeous!!! this maknae makes this noona jealous!
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