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I don't normally watch country music award shows, partly because I'm not fond of country music, but also because they have the same kinds of performances each year. It's boring for me. And with music in a state of decline, it's hard to catch people's attention.
This performance is incredible. It pairs everything that is good about classic country and current pop together.
Timberlakle was just inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, and for good reason. He's the kind of superstar that can transcend genre and amaze all kinds of audiences.
I had the privilege of seeing Timberlake on tour in 2013. I took my grumpy dad. We had a blast. He is a true performer. This song, "Drink You Away" is a bluesy track that could make even Hank Williams Jr. tap his foot. It's a heartbreaking track laden with riffs, country flare and bluesy grit.
He was joined by Chris Stapleton, a down home country star who reveled in the Memphis inspired blues track. Their voices fit perfectly together, and both of them brought a different vibe to the song than the recording. It gave me and the audience chills all the way through. This man is incredible. Seriously, watch this and I dare you to not be impressed.

Justin is the best kind of pop star: talented, kind, enigmatic and immediately relatable.

I'm not a huge country fan, but if Timberlake cut a country record, I'd buy it immediately.
Ugh I love JT! I wouldn't expect him to be at this awards, but he totally added a nice twist a country jam. you are so right, he is the best kind of pop star. he also just seems like a nice dude.
I know right! It is amazing. And yeah, I've been in love with him since NSYNC. I definitely picked the right member to follow! ahahhaha @nicolejb
omgosh what cant he do... he does is all!!!
And that’s why we are all in love with him :) @jazziejazz