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Hi guys!!! ( @Choatic2600 and @Matildajgarrett ) this is my water color painting of Lucy Heartfilia (I'm not sure how to spell her last name, I hope I'm right) sooooooo yeah let me know what you think!
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You should see my other two drawings @matildajgarrett
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@KittyCommittee it looks better somehow...maybe it's just me lol @Choatic2600 yes!! I'm about to post one of mine in a second.
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@bryank98 no it didn't really take practice, I just have a really good eye, and I'm kind of a perfectionist, that's why I don't draw very often. It will take me like days to do a little drawing with no detail because of it.
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@KittyCommittee I love drawing but can't stand when I mess up so I usually stop for s while
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