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It's day 4 of the Fairy Tail challenge! Today's prompt is favorite stellar spirits!
Here's the challenge for anyone who wants to do it too!
My number one favorite spirit is Aquarius! She's one of the most powerful spirits and i love whenever she comes on screen and banters around with Lucy. One of my favorite moments is when she gets in an argument with Cana (x I cried after what happened in the Tartarus arc :'(
Gotta give a shoutout to my sign Taurus! Lucy's go-to spirit and the biggest perv of the spirits. Lol.
Tell me your favorite spirits in the comments down below! Have a good day. Ja ne
I love Leo/Loke. I'd fall for his charm for sure lol
Aquarius for sure, she's hot, intimidating and powerful to the max!
Gemini (the twins). since I missed day 3 my least fav of the fairy tail members would be Carla. I just don't like her attitude.
Scorpio is so laid back and is fly
I love Leo he is awesome
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