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What does a hungry oppa eat when he's up late after practice and wants a little snack before bed?

Here's a list of some popular, easy-to-make (or easy-to-buy) Korean foods that are sure to hit the spot. ^_^ You can be sure that any Korean oppa worth his salt has eaten these favorites many, many times!

계란찜 Gyeran Jjim

Steamed Egg

So yummy and so quick to make, I'll bet one of the Bangtan oppas has certainly made a late-night gyeran jjim at one point or another. You can make your own in the microwave by following this easy recipe!

라면 Ramyeon


Store-bought or homemade, ramyeon is a staple! You can make it yourself, or buy it for really cheap from certain eateries. Looks like Jimin-oppa likes it! :)

삼각김밥 Samgakimbap

Triangular Kimbap

These are available at pretty much all Korean convenience stores! They're a type of kimbap – rice, wrapped in seaweed. And they come in multiple flavors, like tuna, kimchi, bulgogi, etc. Perfect for a fast and portable late night snack!
(Sorry they're eating ice cream in this one... I was having trouble finding photos that matched the foods hahah.)

김치볶음밥 Kimchi Bokkeumbap

Kimchi Fried Rice

This is easy to make at home – just stir fry some kimchi, add vegetables and rice, and top with a fried egg! Yum :)

떡볶이 Dukbokki

Rice cakes in spicy sauce

Bought at street stalls for a quick meal or snack! Dukbokki are often enjoyed in tandem with fried foods like fried squid, shrimp, noodles wrapped in seaweed, or vegetables. But make sure to have the peach juice close by – they're really spicy!!

오뎅 Odeng (or 어묵 Eomuk)

Fish cake on a stick

Oppa can't go wrong with this tasty, cheap snack, sold at the same kinds of carts where you can buy dukbokki. It's fish paste on a stick, cooked in broth. Different, but good!

라볶이 Rabokki

Spicy Ddukboki Ramen

A deliciously spicy combination of dukbokki and ramyeon that puts other late-night snacks to shame.
Sorry for my Jimin favoritism on the photos heh heh... it's kind of inevitable. >.< But here are a few BTS eating gifs to make up for it! :) There's little baby V cutely shoving a scoop of rice into his mouth, J-Hope being really surprised by the yumminess of some noodles, and of course, Jin stuffing his face. XD
I love making kimchi nd friend rice, but I like to add bacon lol
@Allischaaff Kimchi fried rice is one of my favorites
V at the end lol 😆😍😙
@KpopTwinz Everything is improved with bacon!