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this is me signing this song in ASL @nicolejb whatcha think? lol I did it for a school project back in Community College. ✌
This is from a long time ago, so please forgive my injured finger and my sucky facial expressions. I was learning how to sing a sing in ASL back then. ✌
Thought you all might think this was cool! @ButterflyBlu @MissB82 @MooshieBay @RaquelArredondo :D
Agreed @MissB82 @Cereal03 I don't like it, but I don't think I'm the only one. This might cause some internet uproar so I'm excited for the change.
@MissB82 girl yes. I concur with you, I want my favorite videos to come back.
@nicolejb Wonder if it's slowly leading towards them having free & premium memberships? But I've noticed quite a few videos now not loading saying 'not available in your region'. The WORLD WIDE web?? Regional?? How long was I asleep for?! What year is it?! Something fishy's going on for sure anyway.
not so many but I have been to a few though @nicolejb @RaquelArrendondo alright brb
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