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Yes, you read that right. Kanye West spends $500 a day to keep his hair cut fresh which many are screaming as ridiculous. He is the most egotistical human being on the planet as he's been known to take up to four days to post one selfie after he put it through multiple filters, of course. He wants everything in his life to be accustomed to what he requires and even if that costs thousands of dollars, it's the least bit of his concern.
Kanye's barber, Ibn Jasper has been trimming Kanye up for years. Kanye prefers him so highly that he requested for Jasper to move to NYC because no one could do his hair in the way he wanted it. "He asked me to move to NYC and I told him, ‘When you can pay me what I make in the shop, I’ll move," Jasper said.
Now one left unknown secret is that Kanye has a specific way of hiding his haircut if he is unhappy with the result. He wears an orange hat. “Whenever he was pictured wearing that orange hat, it meant he’d gotten a f*****d up cut in NYC,” Jasper said.
Pretty much everyone can agree that $500 is ridiculous and pointless to drop everyday for a trim of centimeters off of your head. However Kanye is in the pursuit of perfection. He's making millions of dollars each year while being married to the closest thing we have to a royal family in the country, The Kardashians. You have to wonder what Kim thinks of all of this. Absolutely insane.
What do you think of the $500 price tag?
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that crazy but the barber is making bank lol 500 for 7 days just on one customer it 3,500 a week a month 14,000