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This is a shout out to one of my favorite anime. I suggested it in my contest card but I felt like I wanted to go deeper.
Kohina is the main character. She is 100% a loner and to hide her apparent sadness she pretends to be a doll, and summons a fox spirit....
She often puts up a rude front but she feels very alone.
and she loves Kokkuri clearly a lot.
much to Kokkuri's dismay Kohina loves cup noodles and struggles through the series to eat them while Kokkuri insists she eats healthy food options.
Kohina can see spirits which means that many different kinds are attracted to her. Along with Kokkuri-san, a Tanuki and an Inu spirit join the household.
The Tanuki is a perverted old cheapskate.
and the dog spirit is Kohina's number one stalker. They have many different forms.
Kohina's interactions with spirits and other humans will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.
this just sums it up really quickly.
I love this anime I really hope it gets a second season full of diverse characters so comedic and has those serious undertones
me too! In the OP there are characters that weren't yet revealed to us, so I'm really hoping for one but... we'll find out soon I'm assuming, there's been some rumor that it won't be coming back.