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Hello KPoppers! Sorry, I'm just gonna skip the intro cause I ran out of ideas -don't wory, they'll cone back eventually- at the moment. This is Sara once again! Anyway, as many if you know, today is TOPs Birthday! Ahhh my baby is finally turning 28. I'm really happy for him. But as I saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, it's his birthday today, I feel the need to celebrate. So, here are 3 ways on how to make this wonderful day spiced up enough to celebrate. Without beautiful Top unfortunately... But hey, its the thought that counts.

1. Get Artsy!

Get creative with your frosting in cakes, cupcakes or food, make them with the same pattern as one of Tops hilarious suits or just to follow the theme of one if his or BigBangs Music Videos! We all know that food is an important part of a meal. So let's do something about it with it!

2. Play with furniture!

Thee is something we all know that TOP like. Furniture. Specially chairs, have you noticed?..... Anyway, you can play with it. Put it in the center of the room and blare music or something, or maybe you can undo it all, and rebuilt it. Just, do something with furniture in honor if TOP, :) yes?

3. Dress up!

We all know how much TOP likes to dress up and play.... right?.... Well, do it! Dress up as him or something from the theme to one of his MVs. Why not? You know what, even wear a weirdly crazy hat, just for the fun of it, to represent the perfect image of TOP.
But, hey, let's be real. The only way to celebrate TOPs 28th birthday, is that we actually do something that represents him. Not only him, but the aura and persona he has. He has made a big influence in a lo of peoples lives. Me included. And I guess I really wish to thank him for that. That's why I made this card.
Thank you everyone who took their time to reading this. I originally got the idea from Koreaboo but I guess it would be fun to choose the best 3. He is one o my TOP -(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)- biases after all. My 4th ultimate bias. Hope you guys liked it and had fun today! My inbox is always open in case anyone needs it.

Have a great night/day!

- @thePinkPrincess you wanted to see this right?
Yes!!! This was an awesome card :D Thanks for taking the time to make it.