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Helloooo! Welcome to part two! (Part one here!) Okay so for this one you'll have to pick which BTS MV you like the most to see where your picked boy takes you on a date! There's also a very short imagine with a picture of the place! (Ps. Sorry if the imagine kinda sucks.. Haha) Hope you enjoy! Xx
Boy in luv..
I Need You..
No More Dream..
War Of Hormone..
Hope you all enjoyed that!! Leave some comments below and tell me where your boy took you! Thank you for playing! :) more coming soon! [part three here!]
So im dating Rap Monster and He decided that our first date would be to go to the lotte world ice rink. Little did he know that I didn't know how to ice skate! But I went anyways we rushed to get our skates and we went towards the rink. Rap Monster went in first and he was a pro. I followed and right away fell on my butt 😣 luckily Rap Monster was willing to teach me how to skate and the whole time he held my hand! It was a great first date. Who knows how our relationship will go only time will tell.β€πŸ’ πŸ’πŸ’’πŸ’β‰β‰
I can suddenly imagine hobi and I look at the animals over there and get excited over the sheep
War of Hormone
Yay Han River bridge light show:)
I need you is one of my favorites!
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