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Rania's comeback stage was perfect except for a few things. New member Alex did not dance the whole stage causing me to fear her only being a rapper and not much else unlike the other girls who are required to dance the whole stage. Also, their outfits were too similar to the backup dancers and telling them apart at first was rather difficult, especially with the large amount of dancers. Hopefully with the future stages Alex will dancer more and the stylist won't make them look so similar. Despite that, Raina is showing what they are made of and I hope they make number 1 soon!
@FueledbyKass I was thinking that she wasnt entirely confident with the dance yet but didn't want to delay their comback so just went with the flow. The part that Alex did dance, she did seem to hesitate a bit but she did try at least. I'm hoping that before promotions do end, she will be able to dance more if she and her manager wants. If not this promotion cycle, hopefully the next one.
But we have to wonder, did she not dance all the choreography because she didn't wanted or because the managers or whatever didn't wanted? The small parts she danced in still show that her dancing still isn't perfect (compared to the others). Maybe she needs more training because she can dance the whole thing.