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Marijuana Is Now (Sorta) Legal in Mexico...

Puff, puff, pass...

It just might be the thing in Mexico, and it might be the legal thing.

There has been talk about getting marijuana legal in Mexico, although many Mexicans are torn. The Mexican Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled to allow a small group to use marijuana recreationally.
So here are the details: four out of five Supreme Court justices voted in favor of a lawsuit by plaintiffs who argued that it was unconstitutional to prohibit them to grow, possess, and consume cannabis. Since the four activists from cannabis club called Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Personal Use, or SMART won the case, the ruling only applies to them. For now anyway.
But I wonder, why not apply this to everyone? But the Supreme Court justices argued the case was a question of individual liberties. According to BBC, people celebrated the ruling by smoking joints outside of the Supreme Court building. Oh, heyyy.
"If ... this supreme court is taking such an important step toward legalization of drugs, or at least some of them, I suggest that we are equally careful and responsible in crafting a ruling of the same magnitude," said Judge Jose Ramon Cossio, who voted in favour of the measure.
I do wonder if this will be the first step to having marijuana absolutely legal throughout the country, and what would happen to the drug cartels following a more widespread decision to allow individuals to puff, puff, pass.

Whatcha think?

Brought to y'all by the illest Latin American News Collection, yours truly...
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Mexico is known for its drug freedom I'm not sure about how this will work for a governmental standpoint but it's looking like it might work?
2 years ago·Reply
@alywoah Yeah probs some loopholes in the law or something!
2 years ago·Reply
Maybe more clarity on drug laws will come in time for Mexico because I'm just confused.
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah that's confusing, isn't it?! Why only for four people? Is it for anyone in the society?
2 years ago·Reply
Am I completely off tap in my to-date understanding that Mexico has always had 'grey areas' where yes drugs, but more so police/government/authority positions etc are involved? The do as I say not as I do kinda thing? I'm actually keen to know.
2 years ago·Reply