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okay, i used to love sasuke, now that i'm older i realized finally. hey he is just a douche canoe. he betrayed all of his friends, he betrayed his home, he threw his closest friend away like a piece of trash. naruto didn't give up on him. he gave up on naruto. he only thinks of his anger and his hate. even in the end of him killing his brother, he understood his brother caused all that pain to make him stronger. yet in the end he stayed the same. a criminal, and a traitor.
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why you think people been calling him emo until he married Sakura and received Sarada
even though he does eventually see "the light" sasuke repetively hurts those who those who try to help him. he betrays them time and again. he had talked about his brother betraying him. but everyone has their own opinion on him. i think he is in the wrong. but who knows. to each their own.
@mastertoad If we look at it like this; if you ever think your so right and everyone else is wrong, you're going to stand up for what you believe. He did hurts those who opposed them and tried to help. But he also is atoning for what he did wrong, and most wouldn't do that. Those who are misled from lies can't be held fully responsible. Once he learned the truth he started to atone for his wrong doing. Is that so wrong?
true but i still harbour those feelings against him. I personally wouldn't be able to forgive him. i honour my friends to much. but i see where you're coming from.
yeah if someone did something like that to my best friends I could see where I wouldn't forgive him