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The 5th teaser. Himchan's teaser!!!! I say this touches my heart because when I first got into B.A.P - it was when I watched that special where they got a day off - Himchan was the first to catch my eye....aaaannd then insert Yongguk lol I think they had gone camping and did like a soccer challenge on the beach and then like a grocery challenge at a store....(of someone knows what I'm talking about let me know if I'm right lol)
You can watch videos on V. http://m.vlive.tv/video/2921 Himchan is looking so good.. I just can't I think so far only Jong-up is the only one with a different hair color. I wonder what daehyun's look will be like
But anyways just like with Zelo it's gives me chills to see Himchan now versus back then when he was younger excuse my mooshiness lol
I'm getting excited each and everyday. As gut wrenching and feels destroying these teasers are they literally are what get me through my day
with stress from school and life they provide a break for me which is so needed - sorry about leaking my personal stuff on this card. I was venting a bit lol
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