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BROWN EYES HAS FINALLY CAME OUR WITH TWO MVs!!! BRAVE NEW WORLD and WARM HOLE!!! Both songs are awesome but i couldnt choose one to be Song Of The i said you know what..both these MVs can be my SOTD!! So Here You Go!!

Brave New World:

Anybody else get a Michael Jackson "Rock With You" vibe from the beggining? I like the disco feel and high feel it gave off. One thing though that i have to address before i move on...Is anybody ekse a fan of Narsha's and JEA's hair??? I mean its freaking perfect and also what's with Gain and her obsession with APPLES!! Im not entirely sure what happened during the video except maybe the apple was used to take them back in time when everything was "basic" I don't know lol!!!Overall the song is defintley something i can listen to all day

Warm Hole:

The name gave me different feelings and i really had to think about what they was talking about(not really lol). By the teaser it looked like they meant "Worm Hole" since i saw Gain with a worm in an apple. The first time i watched it was without lyrics so i didnt get it at first but once those captions came on, It was all over for me lol....This song and MV showed the sexy and cute partsl them which i loved!!

How Do You Feel About These Songs?? Are You Hooked? Let Me Know In The Comments!!!