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Free Dating Advice, Anyone?
The Obvious Plant, aka the man who brought you the Party City Halloween prank, is at it again - this time leaving small 'dating advice' cards in the floral section of a supermarket to help customers who are picking up bouquets for that special someone in their lives.

Now, are these dating tips useful? I'll leave that one up to you guys, but I know that they're certainly entertaining to read!

Do you like chicken nuggets? I like chicken nuggets.

The keyword here is 'tenderly'.

Is 'Snake-in-a-Can' the new 'Dick-in-a-Box'?

That's how I like my men.


Everyone knows the best part of dating a pet owner is having a pet you're not responsible for.

[As Billy Squier's "The Stroke" plays in the background.]

Works like an instantly castable Orzhov Charm.

Okay, I can't promise these would be effective. How about you?

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