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It had been days since she had heard from anyone and all this rain wasn’t easing her worries. Suddenly there was a knock on her inner door. She jumped trying to figure out how someone got past the gate. She stood up silently moving to go check grabbing the knife V had gotten her. She thought it was stupid when he first gave it to her but now she was greatfull. She slid back the door to her foyer and tried to figure out who it was by the silhouette the street lights cast against the door. She pulled it open as she jumped back ready to attack. She immediately thew the knife to the side when she saw a rain drenched Jungkook his face looking swolen and bruised. She rushed him inside out of the rain and started removing his wet clothes so he wouldn’t catch a cold. “Wait here I’ll get a bath started. And it’s called a phone and a gate you should learn how to use them.” Nabi rushed off to start the hot water in the washroom. She came back with a towel and handed it to him. “All of it off so I can wash it then to the washroom.” She turned her back so she wouldn’t see him and waited till she heard him leave for the washroom. She gathered his wet clothes and put them in the wash. Nabi then hurried to her room looking for anything that he could remotely ware in the meantime. She found a pair of sweatpants that were long on her and hopefully wouldn’t be to short on him. She set them on the counter in the bathroom making sure not to look at him. “I’ll make you something warm to eat so come out when you’re done.” She then left to the kitchen to fix some soup for him. He came out a bit later in the sweatpants which only went to his ankles. Despite the uneasy feeling she had she couldn’t help but laugh at how illfitting her pants were on him. “Good thing I didn’t give you a shirt it would have been completely ridiculous then.” She gave him a big smile trying to make him smile. When he didn’t smile hers faultered and she looked back at the soup in the pot. “So why did you jump my wall? You always use the gate so what or rather who were you running from. Was it whoever gave you that pretty facejob?” Nabi put the soup in a bowl before setting it down on the table. “Eat.” To anyone else having a half naked good looking guy in your house would be something to get excited about but to her it was like having a little brother visit. Jungkook didn't answer simply eating quietly to avoid her. “Kookie-ah you're starting to worry me. What happened? “ Nabi sat down across from him at the table and held her hand out to him. He reached his free hand out to hold hers sighing like the world was on him. “They found out noona.” He stared deeply into the bowl, “Some guys from school found out that I like guys. They found me after school on my way home. There were to many of them and I didn’t know where to go.” Tears dropped into the soup as his hand tightened around hers. “My parents can’t find out noona, I won’t have a home anymore, what am I going to do?”
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@VeronicaArtino everyone says I'm good at the feels. This is one big feels train of a story
awww no *cries*😢
What the fuck is wrong with guys liking other guys? I think it's adorable and I can't understand why people are so against it😡
I was literally freaking the fuck out I screamed in class lool
@RinaBea oh my I'm sorry