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Hey Vinglers! I'm going to be traveling to Texas tomorrow for the weekend, know of any cool places I should visit? Any shops maybe? I'll be in the DFW area until Sunday afternoon. @VixenVivi, @byeolbit, @AimeeH, @PassTheSuga, and etc. if y'all know anyone in the area that'd be cool too. 👍 Thank you!
I don't really know haha im in Oklahoma. Umm they have some great malls... And I know there is a pretty big korean following maybe try and check out any stores there?
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I'll try to find some, thanks for the heads up
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I'm pretty sure that the store is only in Texas (living here I'm certain) go to a store called Buc Ees it's a store that has fud,clothes,ect it is huge the smaller ones the size of a McDonald's the bigger ones almost a Wal-Mart/ super center
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