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The ninja is profound at messing with opponents minds which can be devastating in combat. This includes anything that can catch them off guard or make them uneasy. Making an adversary mad or confused is an easy way to do this. Try teasing them, making sounds, or doing something they may find revolting. Sometimes simple things you do can set off an opponent. Not every mind is the same so you may have to do some digging and look for clues. Try to poke and prod until you unearth anything you can use to your advantage. Even the slightest twinge can turn the tide of battle. By messing with an adversaries mind they will be more likely to make mistakes and over exert themselves. Use these opertunities to perform more deadly attacks and combos. They will be helpless to anything you may throw at them. Once they've lost the battle of the mind they've lost the battle of combat. As effective as mind games are in combat it is important to know boundries and be sure it's not affecting your own combative skills. You can just as easily cause your own demise by getting too carried away. So know your limits and know when you should stick with your other skills.
@MechaNekoJames yea lol sorry I haven't posted anything new for a few days. Got a lot going on before Thanksgiving
thanks man we otakus need to be prepared
Any suggestions for tomorrow's lesson?
@DarthRevan I'm 5'11" with an athletic build so I'm about average not like my younger brother who is 6'3" and somewhere between husky and athletic
Yes! XD most people are already intimidated by my size..I'm not some small fry lol
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