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below is a link to a petition to have B.A.P have a concert/concerts in the U.S.A. The rest of it is from the people who are running this. The Butterfly Project. Second part of business is, apparently some people don't like that we are doing this petition. So I thought I would explain again what we are doing, first off we aren't bringing B.A.P back to America as soon as they release their album. We realize they will have a schedule to keep too, what we are trying to do is get a head start and plan ahead for bringing them here. I hope you guys understand and trust us because we know what we are doing. If you don’t like some of things we do, well I’m sorry about that but you can leave if you want. Sounds kind of mean… I know but I have been getting messages about this and other stuff. Another thing we the admins can only do so much to get your favorite artists here you guys have to help us out a little too. Some people are getting mad that we can’t get them soon enough, but yet they don’t help at ALL. So please understand I am trying my hardest to help you guys out. Admin- Samantha
So Sign the petition and SHARE! The more people who know the greater the outcome. @daniee I haven't figured out how to do a mass tag so please help me!
signed! i just hope that when they r able to come back to the states, there will b a concert somewhat close to me
@DenieceSuit yes I have and I have signed it
@stephyBAP have you checked this out yet?