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First it was Yongguk.....forgot how to breath for a sec and was on the verge of tears. Now all i need is a Chea and his beautiful gummy smile
Then it was Jongup.....busting into the scene, left chaos, and rocked the hearts of many babyz. Wish he bust a move or something, I miss his smile too.
Here comes Youngjae's teaser crashing through the corner of feels......the eye contact tho. This one gave off a very emotional feel while the other's were kinda bad arsey. Once again missing the smile, the real kind.
Oh beautiful being...this one left me with a whole lot of emotions. It was refreshing to see him dance a little. Can't wait for their genuine happiness to shine through again.
Himchan's literally killed all my sadness i felt today, i needed it. I was too excited to talk and it was worth almost smiling like the joker. Himchan looks so adorable when he smiles like i-wanna-hug-his-face-even-though-it'll-be-awkward-to-the-bone-adorable. Now i would've thought i would have been ready for their comeback after Youngjae's teaser buuut who's every truly ready? Now we wait for Daehyun's teaser to break the dam of emotions. How are y'all feeling about life right now?
@Jiyongixoxo lolz Jongup literally came crashing into the scene and it just felt like getting smacked in the face by a huge wave of it's ok it took me a while to recover too
all of them were too much but i honestly think the best one was Jongup i still havent recovered