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You've seen Zendaya wear it and now it's your turn to recreate the look of the season. This side wrap around french side ponytail is sleek, sexy and let's not forget to mention -- extremely simple to do. If you're looking to take your ponytail to the next level and spice your look up, keep scrolling and get your sexy on.

Are you loving this sleek wrap around french side ponytail?

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Okay, cool. You know I'm all about nudes and glosses. HAHA So I am challenging you to find me something off the beaten path that is chic and something I can get behind. HAHAHA :) @JordanHamilton
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yes, definitely! I'm going to be on the hunt and I will find something right up your alley :) @marshalledgar
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I wish my hair is long and just like hers!❤ Love the hair style!❤☺😊
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It's definitely perfect! You can always attempt to try some clip ins until your hair grows to the length that you desire @xDaisyDaysx
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