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So I took it upon myself to make some motivational pictures for my sisters. what better way to do that then with their bias.
Made these for my younger sister 테리.She is the maknae of our group. She is still in high school, she is always doing her math homework.
Made these ones for the second youngest sister 사파나. She is in her first year of college, and needed this greatly. She was writing an essay at the time and she is majoring in creative writing.
Then there is the second oldest, if you haven't guessed I am the oldest of my sisters. Made these for my sister 샤이. She is a junior in college, and is hating school just like me haha. I just know she has a History class.
Now I tought about making some for myself.... but that would be wierd haha. Thats why I try to find some that others make, Like this GD one.
I love these!! I'm actually on my way to math right now so it's really motivational and makes me actually go to class haha! Thanks!
@DeannaWalker more than you'd believe!! and then this sexy bastard is trying to get me to math?? oh no he need to chill
I loved these 😍
🙋🙌 im glad
@DeannaWalker I really appreciate it, college classes are stressin me out so I needed motivation 😊
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