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Soooooo please do ready this little caption here if you have Wattpad (: My username is Rosa_Fairy and I write quite a bit of fan fiction and horror and such. I was thinking of making a fanfic or one shot titled "The World's Goddess" and I was wondering if this was a good cover for the story or if I was overdoing it a bit! Please comment what ya think and maybe I'll post the story parts on here under its own Collection! Thank you for your time!
@Demonqueen Eh, I'm still just an amateur writer but thank you!
wish you good luck I can tell you must be an amazing writer you'll do great
@Demonqueen Awe thanks! And yeah I know right? I think I'll write it here and there whenever I can between now and Thanksgiving break and then finish it during break.
that is a beautiful cover I miss writing fan fictions but school gets to you anyway that is so beautiful I love it I'll totally be waiting for the story