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Here it is @AimeeH a Seyoung spam card just for you!
Smiley Seyoung Shy Seyoung Prince Seyoung Yawning Seyoung Handsome Seyoung
Seyoung eats! And Cross Gene acts like dorks...
Charisma so much charisma in his stare..
Sexy Seyoung! Oh hotness... @AimeeH control your boy! Gotta admit that second pic had me seriously creepin' on your UB for a second... then Donghae reminded me who my real love was! ^°^
Did you enjoy?? I hope you did! I had fun making it for you. Sadly I couldn't find any stellar gifs I liked so meh maybe next time. I think you can tell I like him blonde too! It just looks so good on him! Well see ya next card! ❤✌
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now I just need to decide who's next...
I love how this card found me once again in suggested cards.... ERMERGEHRD I DIED ALL OVER AGAIN.... ♡~♡
@AimeeH I saw this in my notifications and realized I've not done a spam card in forever!
@KellyOConnor Oh my gosh. This card will never get old!! Haha omg XD Oops for the others you mercifully slay... my bad