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I suck at doing my nails. I get impatient. They never dry correctly, and when I'm browsing for nail ideas I get really envious. For those of us who aren't as manually coordinated as we'd like, there is now an app to correct our mistakes.
The MM nails app gives you the power to fake it till you make it. It's being called the "Snapchat" of nails, and apparently if you guy their stick on nail packs, the app will pick up them up and allow you to decorate them however the hell you want.

And you'll always get a perfect result!!!

All you have to do is apply the sticker-like press on nails.

Unfortunately the app doesn't work with any old nail. That would be a dream! You can find them online for around 25.00. They come in a few different designs so you can customize in real life.

Allow the app to scan them in.

How future-tastic is that!?

And decorate!

You can use emojis, jems and all kinds of other embellishments to make your nails look like they were done by an extremely rad professional.

Would you rock these nails? Or is this just a passing fad?

do the changes you make on the app get put on your nails? i don't get it
this is the most expensive way. just go to nail salon and paint for 5-10 dollars for regular color. 20-25 dollars for gel polish that will last for 2-3 weeks. i tried that sticker. lol it doesnt even last one day.... wasted money. then if u tired of the nail sticker, u have to order another new set,which cost u another 20+ plus. they only give u 10 sticker that u customize. dont waste ur money!!!! just go to nail salon.
the easier the better..Luvs it
hellz yeah! but going for a regular manicure is less expensive. or just getting them painted at the nail salon