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Last night, I found out that November is MANATEE AWARENESS MONTH, a special 30-day holiday founded by the government of Florida to honor and educate people about the state's beloved 'sea elephant' - the MANATEE!
As many of you might know, the Florida manatee has been on the endangered species list, but is slowly beginning to repopulate to safer levels thanks to conservation efforts by the state government and numerous wildlife non-profits.

I decided to celebrate this special month by sharing five different manatee facts that you may or may not have known. Learn something new, and share with your family and friends!

Did you learn anything new about manatees? Do you know something else interesting about them? Or maybe you just want to shout your love for manatees from the mountaintops?

Let's celebrate Manatee Awareness Month together!
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@InPlainSight @TessStevens I love making my own group names. Like 'a tuggle of olds' is a bunch of old people in one place.
@Danse WHAAAT I want to meet manatees T_T
@MelissaMae I love me some puns. <3
@Blondsis4Ever Bahaha, that's not offensive at all. I agree. I feel like all people should focus on becoming appreciative and socially aware every day of the year, not just because a bizarre holiday dictates it. I think, in some cases, assigning an issue to a specific month or day helps to push attention to it that might not originally be there on most days. But I agree, we shouldn't need these holidays!
I love manatees. I relate to them. lol.