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The world of pop music is shifting. Where the stars of the 90's were concerned with looks, dance moves and flashy outfits, today's phenoms are interested in a more dynamic cultural presence.
Power comes from within, and Sia's new song and video embody that notion. Set in a stark room with little visual enhancement, this video amazes for just simply "being."

"I was born in a thunderstorm / I grew up overnight/ I played alone / I played on my own / I survived."

The opening lines of Sia's anthemic new song "Alive" sent chills up and down my spine. As an artist, Sia's enigmatic persona and mysterious image have drawn attention for much of 2015. Her previous hits Chandelier and Elastic Heart embodied power and ownership, but this song takes it to the next level.
The video, a darkly lit room with a vast expanse of empty space, doesn't house dancers or flashing lights. One small, but powerful soul captures our attention for the full 5 minutes, and in her, we see ourselves.
The little girl in the video isn't Maddy Zeigler from Dance Moms. This time the star chose a tiny Karate kicking dynamo to physicalize the tune.

Artistically shot with cinematic vision and monochromatic colors, the video reminds us that the Karate kid could have easily been a little girl.

Her performance of Bird Set Free on SNL had me in tears. AMAZING. We're trying to decide on an amazing song to choreograph for nationals. I stuck that on the list immediately. Soooo good. Seriously. If you haven't seen it, go now. <3
This is an amazing song and an equally amazing video!
I'll have to watch it!!! Thank you!