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Hi there dear Love and relationship ♥
Happy news from me.
I'm in relationship with my last boyfriend.
From last month, we got back together.
Some of you guys who read my last card (Love and Relationships Julitta ver. - Is there anybody who can let me know bring my card on this new one) already knew that I had a delicate problem with my boyfriend and then we determined to have a little break in our relationship. Actually all problems were from me but, I was in my Europe trip with my sister. Because of time difference, connection with him was freaking hard work. Besides, only on the phone, it was so hard for us to speak out our feelings from heart. I was sure that it's gonna ruin our relationship worse and worse.
So After my long summer holidays, I finally met him again and we talked all night. With real face, warm and soothing voice and some cute motions, we restarted our relationship. That night was so romantic but I was a little bit anxious. This was my first time to get this kind of reunion date with ex. I hope there are nothing any uncomfortable happenings.
That's all about my last couple of months. Feeling thrill and tension at once, I am enjoying my new relationship with my hot guy.
Time to celebrate Yeah !
@alywoah @TessStevens Thank you! This winter is going to be warmer :-)
Ah congrats! How sweet ^_^ enjoy the time of your life :)