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I recently wrote a card about how over-thinkers are creative geniuses, now, as it turns out, so are extremely sarcastic people.
"Both constructing and decoding sarcasm requires overcoming the psychological distance between two opposite meanings -- what’s said and what’s intended," Dr. Li Huang, assistant professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD business school in France and a co-author of the research, told The Huffington Post. "Traversing psychological distance often triggers abstract thinking, a cognitive process responsible for creative thinking. As a result, sarcasm can fuel creativity for both the expresser and recipient."

So if you've ever laughed at Chandler Bing...

I'm looking at you @rodiziketan

Resonated with Dr. Cox

Totally sound like Roseanne on a good day.

(That's probably you @quietone)

Or would be BFFs with House.

Oscar Wilde, who once called sarcasm "the highest form of intelligence." And that dude was creative.

You don't have to be mean, just understand the complex humor of sarcasm. Because it turns out you might be an extremely creative person too.

Where are my sarcastic weirdos at?

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@nicolejb I really am lol
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb Aren't you creative!
2 years ago·Reply
Hahaha I know it's your whole political persona. You tell it like it is @quietone! I love that!
2 years ago·Reply
Study suggest that I am... @mchlyang ;)
2 years ago·Reply
Well THAT'S surprise /sarcasm
2 years ago·Reply